Risky Business in Denver

Denver is known as the mile-high city, and recent political and legal events in the state of Colorado with regards to a certain controlled substance have given that identity an entirely new meaning.  However, for the week of April 27 the focus in Denver is on the 2014 annual conference of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).  I am pleased to be here in Denver to attend the conference, and even more happy to be accompanied by Ferris State student and graduating senior Ethan Henderson. 

Ethan will soon be launching his commercial underwriting career shortly after graduation in May, and his attendance at the RIMS conference will provide him with many opportunities to expand his industry knowledge and connections.  I will invite Ethan to share his impressions of the conference, as I will also share a few thoughts of my own from the conference.  The larger point to make in this post is that Ferris State Risk Management and Insurance students will have opportunities for industry immersion in events such as RIMS over the months and years ahead.  It’s one thing to learn about the industry in classrooms, textbooks and through research papers, but it is quite another matter to experience the industry firsthand.  It is my hope that all Ferris students will avail themselves of industry events such as the RIMS conference in the future.

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