RIMS Conference Through the Eyes of a Ferris Student


As I chronicled back in late April, Ferris student Ethan Henderson and I attended the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Annual Conference in Denver.  I asked Ethan to share a little bit about his conference experience and this is what he wrote:

As I flew into Denver I had no real expectations of what it was going to be like. I had never been to the city, or any insurance conference, especially one of this size. As we touched down at Denver International Airport I saw nothing but flat farm lands and little to be desired as far as a city atmosphere is concerned. I was so confused, until after a forty minute cab ride took me to the heart of the city, which was as big if not bigger than expected. Streets were shuffling with people, and there were little shops and vendors everywhere you looked.

Walking into the convention center on the first day to register for the conference was more than overwhelming.  The building itself was enormous, and it was flooded with insurance professionals all registering and rushing around. Dr. Brown and I continued on to register and receive all of our information for the following days to come. It was that night that RIMS held its opening reception at the Denver Art Museum. It was a fantastic mix of different live musicians, live artists, as well as food and beverage. The entire evening was spent meeting other insurance professionals, and connecting through conversation. It was then that I felt comfortable, since everyone had common ground to break the ice as we were all there for similar reasons.  The next day the conference kicked off with a huge breakfast and guest speaker Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf of Wall Street! He was a captivating speaker talking about his life story, and of course the movie based on his life. From there, everyone dispersed into their assigned meetings that they had signed up for previously. Every session was different, covering different topics, as taught by insurance professionals as well as risk management professionals. I spent most all of my sessions focused on insurance underwriting, since it is the field I am now entering.

Throughout the week we went to our assigned sessions, and finished each day around four. At night different companies held mixers, and social events, to market and connect with each other. Needless to say there was always something fun to do, and people to meet. The entire conference for me was more than enjoyable, educational, and instrumental in my professional growth. Not only did I discover more in depth information and advice about my upcoming career in underwriting, but I also met some invaluable contacts, and people to stay in touch with along the way.  – Ethan Henderson

Ethan’s conference experience was a fantastic introduction to and preparation for the industry he is now entering after graduating from Ferris last month.  It is my hope and intention to provide this type of experience to future Ferris Risk Management and Insurance students in the years ahead.




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