Developing New Insurance Talent


A few weeks ago I wrote about and highlighted and its efforts to develop young insurance talent for the Michigan (and beyond) insurance industry.  Now I would like to highlight another organization that has a nationwide reach and a plethora of resources for both students and educators.  INVEST has a forty-year history of advancing the education and development of talent for the insurance industry.

I strive to convince young people that the risk management and insurance industry is a viable career option that is not as staid and boring as some think it is.  In fact, it is one of the most stable industries going, and offers a wide variety of career options.  The stability of the industry is illustrated by my first employer straight out of college many years ago: I worked for CIGNA Property & Casualty which at that time included a subsidiary known as the Insurance Company of North America, which happens to be the oldest U.S. stock insurance company tracing its founding back to 1792.  Insurance is an industry that is here to stay and its employment opportunities are not as susceptible to the economic winds as are many other industries.

With that in mind, young students who care to explore the industry should peruse a few of INVEST’s resources that are specifically geared towards those interested in learning more.  I highly recommend INVEST’s website.  Students can explore the different insurance career options and find where their interests may best fit.  They may also learn some insurance fundamentals and find scholarship opportunities.

For those already in the industry, or in education positions devoted to teaching insurance content, the INVEST website offers many great resources as well.  I encourage you to check it out, and support this organization.

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