Auto-Owners Insurance Company Career Day


Michigan is home to many excellent insurance firms, including carriers, agents, brokers, and service providers.  Last Friday, I took the time to journey to Lansing, Michigan to attend the annual Career Day event hosted by Auto-Owners Insurance Company at their headquarters.  A number of Ferris State University students also made the trip, and I think that they were duly impressed with what they saw and heard.

This post isn’t intended to be an endorsement of Auto-Owners Insurance Company, and by no means do I intend to convey that Auto-Owners is superior to other insurance entities.  I simply want to take this opportunity to describe the day and reinforce some sentiments that have been previously expressed in this forum.

The event began with remarks from Auto-Owners’ Chairman and CEO, Jeff Harrold.  Mr. Harrold also happens to be a Ferris State graduate, so okay, maybe I do have a little bias in favor of his company.  Mr. Harrold spoke to the students about the long history (98 years) and continued growth of Auto-Owners Insurance Company.  He also described the culture of opportunity and personal development for employees at Auto-Owners, and he mentioned the simple demographic truth that there are many aging insurance professionals approaching retirement and that young talented individuals will find significant opportunities to make a career in the insurance industry.  Naturally, Mr. Harrold is hoping that many of the students will seek to begin that career journey with Auto-Owners.

The group heard from people in the actuarial, information technology, and underwriting areas of the company.  Everyone had the chance to take a brief tour of the corporate headquarters and have lunch with the senior officers of the firm, followed by a wrap-up panel session of questions and answers.

It was a well-organized experience that I believe made an impression on the students in attendance.  One thing is clear… excellent companies such as Auto-Owners recognize the need to attract excellent young talent if they are to continue their growth and success.  The insurance industry is rife with stable and challenging career opportunities for today’s young professional in a variety of areas that include actuarial science, information technology, underwriting, business analysts, quality analysts, and more.  It’s anything but boring.

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