Mining for Scholarships


Understatement alert…  A college education is not an inexpensive commodity.

Fortunately, there are literally thousands of scholarship opportunities available to students who are willing to seek these opportunities and apply for them.  For those students interested in pursuing an education and career in the risk management and insurance profession, there are several scholarship opportunities from a variety of groups who recognize the need to attract young talent to the industry.

I want to personally and publicly congratulate two Ferris State University students who have earned scholarships from the Michigan Adjusters Association: Sarah Scobey and Scott Sawyer.  Both Sarah and Scott continue to excel in their Ferris State academic work and they should be proud that an association of insurance industry professionals recognizes their potential and is willing to invest in them with these scholarship funds.

Scott Sawyer also earned another scholarship a few months back.  Scott was awarded a scholarship from the Westran Insurance Scholarship Foundation.  This is another testament to Scott’s academic achievements and potential as a future insurance professional.  Congratulations to Sarah and Scott!

There are many other scholarship opportunities available to students of risk management and insurance.  Gamma Iota Sigma provides a handy scholarship deadline tool.  There are also scholarships available from the Insurance Scholarship Foundation of America, InVEST Program, and Spencer Educational Foundation, just to name a few.

Go get some money!

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