Scholarships aplenty


Providing yet another bit of evidence that the risk and insurance industry is encouraging young people to consider insurance careers, it has been a busy week in terms of scholarship news.  Business Insurance just reported that the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation awarded over $100,000 in scholarships last year.   Locally, there are several scholarships offered by insurance agencies and professional organizations.  Just this week, I had a conversation with a representative of the Muskegon Adjusters Association, a professional organization of West Michigan claim adjusters.  This organization wants to begin awarding annual scholarships to Ferris State students of risk management and insurance.

From my perspective, there is no more clear statement that the industry wishes to attract talented, young professionals than the multitude of industry organizations who are willing to pay for students to gain an education in the field.  I keep a list (which seems to be getting longer and longer) of scholarship opportunities on my desk, ready to share with students.  So come and get it.  The money for your risk and insurance education is out there – just waiting for deserving and dedicated students to claim it


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