Congratulations Corey


This is perhaps one of the most gratifying parts of my job as a collegiate educator.  Recognizing student accomplishments and achievements is the payoff after observing the intellectual growth of students over time.  As the father of three adult daughters, I am very familiar with the sense of pride that comes with recognizing the early successes of young people.

The subject of my pride and congratulations today is Ferris State University student Corey Bledsoe who just learned that he has been selected as an Anita Benedetti Scholar for the upcoming RIMS annual conference in New Orleans.  Corey is a dual major in actuarial science and also risk management and insurance, and he is President of the Gamma Iota Sigma-Upsilon Chapter at Ferris State.  Corey is now making plans to attend the RIMS conference with his costs covered by RIMS and he will participate in a special program track designed for the Anita Benedetti Scholars.

This RIMS program is very competitive and Corey should be very proud of his selection, as am I.  He will represent Ferris State’s Risk Management and Insurance academic programs very well, and I know that he will make some valuable contacts and learn a great deal through his participation in this program.  Well done Corey! Congratulations!


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