Happy Independence Day


The July 4th weekend typically marks summer’s midpoint as we gather on the beaches and campgrounds of our land to enjoy the great outdoors and celebrate our country’s independence.  The celebration is punctuated by the liberal use of pyrotechnics and fireworks, which pose some inherent danger.  Adding to the minor danger of exploding firecrackers and multi-colored rockets is the news that terrorist chatter has been on the uptick in recent days.

The celebratory use of fireworks and the possibility of terrorist attacks intruding on our nation’s holiday represent opposite ends of the risk spectrum but both require prudent risk management all the same.  Let’s all practice good personal risk management as we celebrate this weekend.  Be careful as you celebrate, and be vigilant for those who would attempt to harm us.  Let’s all be risk managers as we celebrate our freedom and independent this weekend.

Be safe out there.  Happy Independence Day.

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