Paris, France


The civilized world has once again come under attack by barbarians.  The coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday provide yet another sad example of the dangers and risks we face in today’s world of highly charged geopolitics.  Whatever you may believe about the threat of climate change, and for all of the risks that we face as a result of natural disasters and pure happenstance, nothing is as heart-wrenching as the deliberate and premeditated violence of humans against other humans.

This blog post is not a lesson about the loss exposures posed by terrorism, nor is it about the role of insurance following terrorist incidents.  This is about humanity, or rather the lack thereof.  In the face of such inhumane acts, all we can do is unite against such evil and increase our vigilance.  We must learn to become more aware of our personal risk situation at all times, alert to suspicious behavior, and courageously confronting evil when it shows its face.  This is the most stark and most critical example of personal risk management that I can offer.

Pray for Paris, indeed.  Pray for all of humanity.  Survival of civilization depends on it.


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