Back to School – 2019 edition

Football training camps are open, back-to-school items and dorm room supplies are on sale, and daylight is shrinking.  It must be time for autumn semester classes to begin.  Well, almost.

This is “welcome back” and faculty kickoff week at Ferris State, filled with meetings and final course preparations.  A week from today, classrooms will again be full of eager college students and enthusiastic faculty.  But that does not imply that students and faculty have been doing nothing but windsurfing and playing golf all summer.  Many students took summer classes, and worked at internships or other jobs.  Many faculty were teaching those summer classes, doing research/consulting work, and engaged in planning and administrative work throughout the summer.

Personally, I am as enthusiastic as I’ve ever been for the autumn semester to get underway.  The enrollment momentum for the Ferris State RMIN program remains positive, even in the face of demographic headwinds that are causing enrollment challenges for all of Michigan’s institutions of higher learning.  Career prospects for RMIN graduates remain strong and well above average.  Several great things are on my autumn radar screen.  Yes, it’s time for a tease…

The Ferris State Gamma chapter is looking to organize/sponsor 1-2 events that will be of interest to students and perhaps also industry professionals in the coming year.  Stay tuned.  Ferris RMIN students will again be attending multiple industry conferences and field trips.  Photos will be posted.  Emerging risks will take center stage in our studies.  Blog posts forthcoming.

Speaking of emerging risks, this humble blogger and RMIN faculty member has been paying particular attention to a couple of areas:  The development of blockchain technologies as a beneficial tool for risk management and insurance, and also the emergence of cannabis-related businesses (and risks) particularly here in Michigan.  Both of these rapidly changing topics will certainly merit attention in blog posts in coming weeks and months.  Stay tuned as I share my observations, opinions, and perhaps even the occasional useful insight.

Time to get back to my course preparation duties.  I can’t wait for the fun to begin.

-Dr. Brown

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