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Wanted! Bright Young Professionals!


The insurance industry offers a variety of career possibilities for young people, and it is a remarkably stable industry in terms of employment.  There are several industry organizations whose mission is to promote the risk management and insurance industry as a viable career option for today’s youth.  I intend to highlight some of these organizations over the next few months, beginning today with the Michigan Future Foundation.

MIFuture.org provides fantastic resources for exploring the industry including videos, scholarships, educational opportunities, and speakers.  If you happen to know someone who might be interested in exploring the insurance industry, I encourage you to share this resource with them.  I met with MFF’s board of directors earlier this year and they are true professionals who are motivated to communicate the career opportunities available in the insurance industry.  In the course of my conversations with board members, the common theme was that the insurance industry has provided them with a wonderful career and they wish to give back to the industry by helping to bring along the next generation of insurance professionals.  This is truly a stellar group of professionals and the MIFuture website is a resource worthy of sharing.